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Elastomer Sealing Materials for the Fuels of the Future
In addition to the accelerated deployment of battery-electric mobility, the utilization of synthetic fuels is an important approach to achieving the climate protection goals. SynFuels are an interesting alternative particularly because they can reduce CO2 emissions in currently existing vehicles with conventional ICE powertrains, provided that these fuels are produced using “green“ electricity. In addition, excess electricity from renewable sources can be stored in the form of SynFuels.
Parker Prädifa has been pursuing the development of materials exhibiting excellent compatibility with alternative fuels for many years. Examples include biodiesel, bioethanol, OME and synthetic diesel (GTL/HVO).

Our webinar will provide insights into the current state of sealing elastomer compatibility tests with alternative OME diesel fuel and synthetic diesel (GTL/HVO) and show the range of usable materials as well as their limitations. General topics pertaining to the resistance of elastomers against liquid fossil fuels and against gases such as CNG, LPG and hydrogen will be covered as well.
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