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Sealing Solutions for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Heat, cold and chemical attack are a challenge to seals and sealing materials in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The diversity of HVAC devices and technical systems is matched by the variety of the requirements to be met by the seals and sealing materials they use. The service life of the sealing system used is of particular importance, since heating systems and/or cold/climate/heat pumps often have a service life of several decades

The seals used often have to cover large temperature ranges and be resistant to a large number of media. Whereas in air conditioning devices and systems a wide variety of refrigerants and refrigerant oils results in a large number of potential combinations of the media used, the challenge in heating systems often lies in a rather non-specific condensate of combustion residues. The selection of the wrong sealing material may lead to accelerated aging and ultimately the destruction of the seal.

Learn about the wide range of sealing solutions and sealing materials from Parker Prädifa in our webinar and use the opportunity for a discussion with our experts after the presentation.
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Jens Kunkel
Application Engineer - Industrial Applications @Parker Hannifin - Prädifa Technology Division